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Drawing and Sculpture Full-Time Program

curso de dibujo y escultura




The Full-Time Drawing | Sculpture program includes an extensive study plancovering all aspects of traditional drawing and sculpture techniques in order to provide the student with all the aesthetic and expressive resources to become a professional artist. Students have 6 to 8 hours of guided study from Monday to Thursday (from 10 am to 1pm AND from 2 to 5 pm + evening sessions from 5:30/6 to 7:30/8 pm) and seminars on Friday (from 10 am to 1pm AND from 2 to 5 pm).

  • To train the eye to be thorough.
  • To learn the technique of spatial drawing.
  • To learn the process of constructing a portrait.
  • To learn the process of constructing the complete human figure.

In accordance with the 19th century methodologies with which the school works, the regular Sculpture programme begins with an important focus on Drawing (Human Figure Drawing).

We believe that drawing is a fundamental tool for learning sculpture. Learning to observe and relate information in 2D will facilitate the interpretation and the multiple points of view of a 3D sculpture.

The Full-time Drawing | Sculpture Program consists of a series of exercises that the student must complete at their own pace. Each day a different teacher will come to each student's workspace and offer a critique of their work, indicating all the aspects to be improved. Only when the exercise is completed according to each level's objectives can the student begin the next assignment, which will be at a level immediately above the previous one. This way, the student will advance until all the exercises of the course are completed.

At the end of each term, the students receive an individual, personalised final critique attended by their teachers. Five general areas are evaluated: attendance, performance, effort, attitude and progress. A final average grade is then determined based on these criteria.

The time that each student spends on each assignment, and consequently on finishing a course, is totally individual, and may be different from other students. However, as a standard guideline, a full-time student typically completes the Drawing | Sculpture course within a timeframe of three academic years (one academic year is equivalent to 9 months/3 terms).

The minimum enrolment time for standard courses is always one term [3 months].

Students can join the chosen programme at the beginning of each term and progress on a continuous basis, or they can choose to let some time pass between each enrolment.

Schedule: Monday to Friday from 10am to 1pm and from 2pm to 5pm. Evening sessions: Monday to Thursday from 5:30/6pm to 7:30/8pm (1 obligatory session).

Academic Terms 2024:
Fall Term 2024 [7 October - 21 December, 2024]
Winter Term 2025 [13 January - 29 March, 2025]
Spring Term 2024 [8 April - 22 June, 2024]
Summer Term 2024 [1 July - 14 September, 2024]

Drawing is the backbone of the Barcelona Academy of Art's teaching process. Without a solid foundation in drawing, most of the difficulties that arise throughout an artistic career are very difficult to solve. Sculpture is drawing in open space. Beginner students in this Program, begin with the study of the human figure in Drawing, then go through modelling in sculpture and finally work on sculpting the torso and life-size figure. As students move towards more complex projects, teachers will motivate them to try out new techniques and shapes so that they can find their own expressive language.


The Drawing | Sculpture Program includes the subjects of the 19th century Traditional Program (Human Figure Drawing Long Pose, Cast Sculpture, Human Figure Modelling) and the Friday Seminars (they vary each term).

Monday - Thursday Friday
1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year
Morning 10 - 13h Human Figure Drawing: Long Pose Human Figure Drawing: Long Pose 1st term: 3/4 Reclining Figure—2nd term: Torso Portraiture with Cloth—3rd term: Life-Size Fall and Spring: History of Art —Winter: Light and Form—Summer: Landscape (10am-2pm) 1st term:Human Figure Sculpture — 2nd/3rd term: Man and Woman Torso 1st term: 3/4 Reclining Figure — 2nd term: Torso Portraiture with Cloth—3rd term: Life-Size
Afternoon 14 - 17h 1st term: Cast Sculpture — 2nd/ 3rd term: Human Figure Sculpture 1st term: Human Figure Sculpture — 2nd/ 3rd term: Man and Woman Torso 1st term: Hands/Feet — 2nd term: Sculpture Project: Pillow —3rd term: Self-Portrait/Life-Size Fall and Winter: Morphology — Spring: Expressive Drawing Sculpture Portrait Sculpture Portrait
Evening 18 - 20h Pencil Drawing (Monday to Thursday) / Sculpture Studies

Intensive programme: Drawing and Sculpture 3.190 € 6.380 € 8.789 € 11.000 €

Once the online form has been submitted and the student has been accepted, they will be asked to confirm their place by paying the non-refundable deposit. The non-refundable deposit corresponds to 10% of the total amount of the course enrolled by the student. The rest of the registration fee must be paid by the dates specified via email when confirming the place at the rate of one payment per registered term, and always in advance. If the non-refundable deposit is not paid, the place will remain automatically available for another student.

As a general rule, refunds are not permitted other than in cases of extreme seriousness or emergency. In such cases, the student may be required to present the necessary documentation to prove that the circumstances are true. The Management Committee will evaluate each situation and the Administration Department will communicate the final decision to the student. This decision shall be final and not appealable.

Consult the BAA Sales, Cancellations and Refunds Policy



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