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Human Figure Modeling

This programme focuses on exploring the three-dimensional nature of sculpture: volume. Over the course of its production, a sculpture is less dependent on the position and direction of light, with more emphasis on the tangibility of its form and anatomy.

When working from a natural model, contrasting poses are the most appropriate to achieve a better understanding of the anatomy and variety between relaxed and tense muscles. The student must grasp the feeling of the pose by looking from a distance and comparing their work with that of the scale model in order to adjust the dimensions accordingly.

The focus will be on the overall impression and the accuracy of the proportions and gesture, before moving on to different ways of modelling and other details. To do this, measuring devices and instruments (such as sticks or other practical tools) will be used to indicate essential reference points that can be used to help construct the rest of the figure. The first step is to determine the proportion between the pelvis and the rib cage.

A fundamental part of a sculpture's creation process is its internal structure. The student, from the second year, will learn to build the internal structure of the task to be carried out.

Horario: de 10 a 13h lunes a jueves