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Application deadlines

The minimum enrolment period for regular courses is always one term or quarter [3 months].

Students can join the chosen programme at the beginning of each period and keep going from there, or they can choose to let some time pass between each period of study.

This is our academic timetable. Depending on the period in which the students want to join, there are deadlines for registration:


Latest deadline for receipt of applications for admissions in the autumn term:
10th of September


Latest deadline for receipt of applications for admissions in the winter term:
10th of December

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Latest deadline for receipt of applications for admissions in the spring term:
10th of March


Latest deadline for receipt of applications for admissions in the summer term:
10th of June



Students are required to have a minimum proficiency in English since, except in specific cases, communication will be made in this language.


Email is the main method of communication between the administration department and the student body. Students are required to check their inbox regularly to keep informed of all events and notifications.


Applications will only be accepted online.


Admissions will be processed on a strictly first-come, first-served basis. When the groups are full, any extra requests received will be put on the reserve list.

Transfer from other schools

Only students who come from schools which use the same methodologies as the Barcelona Academy of Art can have previous years of study recognised as a part of the curriculum, and continue at the BAA from there. This decision is solely and exclusively the responsibility of the admissions department, based on the internal policy of the academy.


All payments are to be made by bank transfer to the account number specified in the confirmation email.

For regular courses, once the student has been admitted, he/she will be asked to confirm his/her place by paying the non-refundable deposit. The non-refundable deposit corresponds to 10% of the total amount for the course enrolled upon by the student.

The rest of the registration fee must be paid on the dates specified via email when confirming your place at the rate of one payment per enrolled term, and always in advance. If the non-refundable deposit is not paid, the place will be automatically available for a student on the reserve list.

Students may request refunds or changes due to force majeure that will be resolved in accordance with the school’s internal policy.

Periods of unjustified absence over a long period of time will not result in a refund of course fees.

Student visas

The Barcelona Academy of Art will help you with the whole visa application process, which can sometimes be complex. We have years of experience in helping our non-EU students obtain their long-stay student visas. We will be there for you all the way.


If you are a citizen of a Member State of the European Union you have the right to free movement and residence in Spain.


In any case, all EU citizens who reside in Spain for a period of more than 3 months are obliged to apply for registration in the Central Register of Foreigners. This registration will entail the issuance of a registration certificate and will include a foreigner’s identification number (NIE).

To apply for this, you must go to the Police Station located at Rambla Guipúscoa, 74 in Barcelona, requesting an appointment through the Police website How to get the NIE card (pdf)


Students of non-EU nationality can only stay in Spain for 90 days without a visa, so if your studies at the BAA have a longer duration, it is necessary to obtain a visa to stay in the country for the duration of your studies.

You can apply for your student visa from your home country.





You should contact the Spanish consulate in your home country to find out where to apply. The complete list of Spanish embassies and consulates is available here: exteriores.gob.es)



We recommend that you apply for your visa as soon as possible, at least 6 to 9 weeks before the start of your course at BAA. Please note that Spanish consulates require you to schedule an appointment for a visa application and usually take between 10 and 30 days to grant your visa.



Below are the required documents to be submitted to the Spanish embassy in the country of application:


— Visa application form

— Valid passport (copy of all pages)

— Two recent passport-size photos

— Invitation letter from BAA for a full or part-time programme (minimum 20 teaching hours per week). In order to send the documentation, we require the student to have paid the non-refundable deposit (10% of the total tuition fee)

— Confirmation of payment of your course booking

— BAA academic study plan

— Full medical insurance with no waiting period and no co-payments

— Proof of financial means (at least 600€ each month you stay in Spain)

— Proof of accommodation (rental contract, host’s invitation (Acta de manifestación) – if you plan to stay with friends or family during your studies)

— Visa application fee


In case the visa is requested for a period of more than six months, the following must also be provided:


— Medical certificate confirming that the student does not have any disease that requires quarantine

— Criminal record certificate + apostille certificate (issued within the last five years by the relevant authorities in your home country)


Please note that:

— The consulate may ask you for additional documents. We recommend contacting them directly to confirm the documentation.

— The additional documents required may vary according to each consulate or the regulations of your home country.


Once you have your Type D long-stay visa in your passport and you have arrived in Spain, you can apply for your TIE card. You have a maximum of 30 calendar days to begin the process of applying for the Study Stay Authorisation and obtain the TIE (Tarjeta de Identidad de Extranjero).


The TIE is a temporary stay permit valid for the duration of the study stay in Spain. The permit is granted for a maximum of one academic year and is renewed annually, as long as the studies have not finished and the student can demonstrate that he/she has made good use of the previous academic year.


STEP 1: Empadronamiento. Instructions for obtaining the Empadronamiento appointment and documentation to provide (pdf)


STEP 2: SRequest an appointment at the police station through the Public Administration website How to get an appointment to obtain the TIE (pdf)


Requested Documents

— Official form (Form EX -17) (original + 1 copy) Instructions for filling in the EX17 form (pdf)

— Photocopy of passport

— Letter of acceptance from the BAA specifying the duration of the studies and the payments made.

— Passport-size photographs (3)

— Certificate of empadronamiento

— Payment of the fee 790 Code 012 Instructions for filling in the form and paying the fee (pdf)

— Proof of the appointment


Important:When documents from other countries are provided, they must be translated into Spanish by means of a sworn translation and properly legalised.


STEP 3: To collect the card at the police station it will also be necessary to make an appointment through this link:: https://sede.administracionespublicas.gob.es/pagina/index/directorio/icpplus. Option: Recogida de Tarjeta de Identidad de Extranjero (TIE)




It is not possible to apply for a student visa for the BAA once you are in Spain.




The process of renewing your NIE/TIE for study stays includes several steps and links. Here you can find all the information you need to follow for the process:


STEP 1: Required documents

— Payment of Tasa: Modelo 790 código 052– click on: 1.3. Prórroga de la autorización de estancia por estudios, movilidad de alumnos, prácticas no laborales o servicios de voluntariado (titular principal y sus familiares)

Form Ex – 00 (original and copy)

— Original and copy of your passport

— Original and copy of your TIE

— In case you have changed your address, you must provide the original and a copy of the new registration of your address called “empadronamiento”

— Original and a copy of your private health insurance (Seguro Médico sin carencia)

— Certificate of achievement of studies at the BAA and renewal of enrolment. Proof of payment for the course

— Documentation accrediting that you have the necessary financial means for the period you are applying for (bank statement showing your bank balance of at least 7.200 euros (600 euros/month).


Where to submit the documents:at any public registry (addressed to the Oficina de Extranjería) or digitally using the Mercurio application (you need a digital certificate for this) or else:

You can submit applications in person at the General Registry of the Government Delegation in Catalonia (Calle Bergara, 12) – Request an appointment by e-mail at: registroextranjeriaoamr-dg.cat@correo.gob.es (Calle Bergara, 12).


Application deadline: during the 60 calendar days prior to the expiry date of the authorisation. It may also be submitted within 90 calendar days thereafter, without prejudice to the initiation of the corresponding sanctioning procedure.


Consequences of submitting the application within the deadline: the initial residence permit remains valid until the extension application is resolved.


Deadline for the resolution of the application: 3 months from the day following the date on which it was received at the registry. You can check the status of your renewal here. HERE.


STEP 2: Within one month of approval of the extension, you must make an appointment at the police office to have your new TIE card fingerprinted.


Follow this link, select: cita previa de extranjería> Barcelona / expedición de tarjeta de identidad extranjero> toma de huellas> rellena el formulario> elije la franja horaria> print the confirmation of appointment.


You must bring the following documents to your appointment:

— Application form EX-17 (original & copy)

— Passport and copy

— Two recent passport photos

— Current or recently expired NIE card

— Screenshot of the printed “Resultado – Favorable” resolution.

— In case of a change of registration of your home you must provide a new “empadronamiento” with a new address.

— Paid receipt of application fee (Form 790, Code 012): ticked box “TIE que documenta la renovación de la autorización de residencia temporal o la prórroga de la estancia o de la autorización para trabajadores transfronterizos.”


STEP 3: Collection of your new TIE. Wait 40 days for your TIE to be processed and pick up your card at Mallorca, 213.

You must make an appointment here:



cita previa de extranjería > Barcelona





And bring the following documents:


— Passport

— Old NIE card

— Application receipt (this document will be given to you after your fingerprinting appointment – STEP 2)