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Art Renewal Center

The Art Renewal Center is a non-profit educational foundation created in 2000 by a group of artists, collectors, historians, and art enthusiasts, chaired by art collector and entrepreneur Frederick Ross.


The foundation is characterised by the advocacy of a return to classical training and the appreciation of traditional art in order to give excellent training to the contemporary artist. From its website, as well as providing educational tools such as articles, artist biographies, podcasts, information on exhibitions, schools & traditional training workshops, and hosting a large online museum with more than 75,000 images dedicated to traditional painting, the foundation organises two competitions for living artists whose work fits into the tradition of realism:

  • The International ARC Salon is open to all artists who work figuration and realism into their work.
  • The ARC Scholarship Competition, a scholarship competition to help aspiring artists who study at ARC-recognised classical academies or ateliers.



The Artelibre Gallery is a virtual art gallery located in Zaragoza, Spain.


Artelibre was founded in 1999, as an innovative venture within the world of art and as a cultural entity where its main purpose is to make the world of art known in its entirety, especially realist and hyperrealist art.


From our beginnings we aimed for the participation of artists with an all manner of styles and tendencies, taking a chance on new artists as well as involving established artists, creating a special section for realist and hyperrealist art. In Artelibre we dedicate ourselves to promoting art and artists, collaborating with artists to sell their works, editing their books and, in collaboration with publishing houses, we organise art courses etc. Artelibre, in collaboration with EMMA and the Foundation of Arts and Artists, organises the ModPortrait, a portrait painting competition, with the first prize being 5,000 euros, aiming to encourage artistic initiatives and sponsor artists.


Menorca Pulsar

Menorca Pulsar is an Art Residence in the perfect place to get inspired: Menorca, a small, idyllic island located in the heart of the Mediterranean. We have chosen a beautiful mansion and invited great teachers with a unique personal vision, dedicated to sharing their academic and human experience.


During spring and autumn “two magical seasons on the island where the landscape is captivating and everything is perfectly calm” a Maestro and a tribe of painting madmen will congregate in a dream rural house, sharing their work and free time. Have you ever dreamed of having a glass of wine with your favourite artist and a bunch of art enthusiasts like yourself?


The Barcelona Academy of Art project benefits from the support of Menorca Pulsar. We have joined forces to make Figurative Art a movement based on respect for tradition, which will provide an artist with a solid grounding in technique, transferred to the modern day context, welcoming more contemporary ideas and expressions. As a result of this combination, synergies and common projects emerge, which share the objective of reviving figuration as an artistic trend and a profession of an artist, one which would unlikely survive without technical learning.


Samsara Academy of Art

SAA is an Academy located in Hyderabad, India founded in 2019 by BAA alumni Ayuesh Agarwal with the intention of providing art training in drawing and painting, through an atelier-based learning system – inspired by centuries of studio practice.


In partnership with BAA, SAA offers a strong artistic foundation and technique that empowers its students to find their own unique voice in either the contemporary fine arts or the world of digital art. Samsara’s curriculum is designed to help students of every skill level enhance their abilities. Crucial importance is given to drawing and educating the artist’s eye which is the basis of all art disciplines including Painting, Sculpture, and Digital Art.


The community of SAA and BAA students will be able to transfer between the two academies with ease as a result of this affiliation, enabling students to have an immersive and varied learning experience.