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Angèlica Arvylás


Sculpture Studies | Cast Sculpture | Human Figure Modelling | Sculpture Portrait

About Angèlica.

Angèlica Arvylàs is an artist born in Barcelona in 1985, with a Greek father and a Catalan mother.

At the age of 19, she entered the Municipal School of Fine Arts in Salt (Girona), where she sculpted her first works in stone. With the conviction that she had found her vocation, she quickly turned her passion into a professional career. Her work and dedication led her to her first monumental commission at the age of 20, “Alba i Crepúscle,” an imposing sculptural work with a diameter of 7 meters and a height of 2 meters, made of stone and bronze, located in the town of Lloret de Mar (Girona).

She completed her Degree in Sculpture at the Escola d’Art d’Olot, while continuing to refine her skills in stone carving. However, the desire to explore new horizons took her to Italy, where she immersed herself in the sculpture program at the Florence Academy of Art. During her stay, her passion for human anatomy led her to deepen her studies through the “Ecorché” course, gaining an even deeper understanding of the human form in all its complexities.

Upon returning to Spain, she taught anatomy and sculpture classes at Universitat Ramón Llull, la Salle, in Barcelona for several years. Later, she began teaching and became a part of the sculpture program at the Barcelona Academy of Art as one of the main instructors. Angélica is also skilled in the art of casting and foundry, adding another dimension to her creativity and artistic expression. Her constant source of inspiration has been and continues to be nature in its fullest expression. Attentive observation of the forms, rhythms, and architecture of nature leads her to explore the intricate and expressive human anatomy, which she considers a reflection of the same laws that govern the natural world.

She has been a finalist in prestigious national and international art competitions, including the renowned ARC Salon in the USA and the Figurativas competition in Barcelona. Her sculptures have been exhibited in galleries and exhibition spaces throughout Europe and England, as well as in museums like the MEAM in Barcelona. Her work is part of various private collections in different countries in Europe, America, and Asia, as well as in public spaces.


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