Ivan Pidhainyi

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Ivan Pidhainyi


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About Ivan.

Ivan Pidhainyi is a Ukrainian sculptor, whose artistic focus lies in contemporary academic sculpture.


Born and raised in Rivne, Ukraine, he developed a profound passion for sculpture from a young age. This passion drove him to graduate from the Kyiv National Academy of Art and Architecture’s Department of Monumental Sculpture. With a robust academic background, Ivan has dedicated himself to his art for around two decades. Over the past 12 years, he has crafted a remarkable collection of sculptural works using diverse materials such as stone, ceramics, and artificial mediums, skillfully capturing the beauty and essence of the human form with unparalleled sensitivity. His sculptures are lauded for their elegance, ability to convey the true essence of humanity, and emotional expressiveness. Through his art, he delves into the human body and explores its transformations, finding aesthetics in the exaggeration and metamorphosis of forms to achieve his artistic vision.

Beyond his work as a sculptor, Ivan has generously shared his experience and knowledge as a sculpture teacher at his own Sculpture Guild academic sculpture school in Kyiv for an impressive span of 9 years. Since 2022, he has been imparting his passion for sculpture to aspiring artists at the Barcelona Academy of Art. In November 2022, together with curator Kateryna Pidgayna, he proudly inaugurated a contemporary Ukrainian art gallery in Barcelona.


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