Arthur Gain

Arthur Gain

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About Arthur.

Arthur Gain is a Russian-born figurative artist living in Barcelona, Spain. Though widely self-taught he has attended workshops and took private tuition from renowned painters and teachers, Steve Huston, Nick Alm, and Felicia Forte among others.


His path to becoming an artist was not direct. Being a passionate draftsman since childhood, he had made a successful career as a commercial illustrator and graphic designer in his youth, in his twenties he became a creative director in the advertisement industry working for major international clients.


In his early thirties, he moved from Moscow to Asia and began a journey of self-discovery through the practice of traditional authentic Yoga and Buddhist meditation which finally lead him to realize that representational art is his true vocation.


Nowadays he continues to explore his artistic voice by creating his personal work and working on commissions and sharing his knowledge with his students at the Barcelona Academy of Art, giving workshops and private lessons, and by making online instructional videos.


In the modern world where everything changes in a blink of an eye, the human spirit and nature are what bring it back together to the core of our existence. Constantly evolving and at the same time being utmost archaic, simultaneously mundane and divine, human consciousness is the greatest mystery and endless source of inspiration. Thus Arthur finds his main interest in people bringing out the unique characters of each individual he portrays with his art.



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