Silvia Juez Linares

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Silvia Juez Linares


Cast sculpture | Human Modelling | Bas-relief

About Silvia.

Silvia Juez Linares was born in Barcelona, where she showed a great interest in art from a very young age, especially painting.


At the age of 19, she was admitted to the Faculty of Fine Art in Barcelona, where she discovered the art of sculpture. There, she experimented with its various techniques and materials. During these studies, she discovered the human form’s power to express the world around it. For this reason, when she finished, she decided to study at the Florence Academy of Art, where she learnt the skills necessary to draw and model, interpreting reality as faithfully as possible. There, she received three scholarships as a studio assistant and won another from the International ARC Salon Competition (Art Renewal Center).


During her stay in Florence, she taught drawing and sculpture at The Italian Chinese Art & Culture Exchange Association.


In recent years, she was a finalist in the competition “Figurativas 2015” (MEAM), had an Honorable Mention in the 12th International ARC Salon Competition, was a finalist in the 13th International ARC Salon Competition and also a finalist in the 53 Reina Sofia (Queen Sofia) prize for painting and sculpture. Her work can be found in various public and private collections in Spain and Italy.


She currently runs the Drawing | Sculpture programme at the Barcelona Academy of Art.

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